FTM Zachary Prince
FTM Zachary Prince
Hairy Kinky Full Service Escort, Prostate Whisperer & Niche Escort Marketing Coach

It’s a digital era, baby

Don’t let petty reasons like SPACE & TIME stop us from connecting! I offer private webcam dates, dirty/personal texting & custom-tailored photo sets & videos!

Private webcam sessions start at:
$100 per 20 minutes
$220 per hour
$800 per month for 1 hr/week or 2 30-minute sessions/week

Dirty/Personal texting starts at:
$120 per hour of standard texting (text only)
(add $10 per photo & $20 per video clip if desired)
$200 per hour premium texting (with photos & video clips included)
$2000 per month premium texting

Custom Photos & Videos start at:
$20 per custom photo or $10/photo for orders of 10+
$10/minute for basic softcore erotic & fetish videos
$15/minute for basic hardcore & more intense fetishes
$30/minute for artistic creations tailored to your erotic interests
$50/minute for collaborations with another performer

Payment options include:
Amazon.com giftcard
Vanilla Visa giftcard

Please email me or DM me on Twitter to book.