Are you the kind of person who makes things happen?

your wish is my command!  i can be delivered directly to your city of choice, almost anywhere in the entire world.  additional funds to cover my round-trip flights & 30% deposit will be due in advance for booking confirmation.

2-3 hrs \ $1200

enough time to relax and get to know each other several different ways...

4-6 hrs \ $2000

extended play-date and/or real-world romance

12-14 hrs \ $3500

24 hrs \ $4500

snore-free snuggle-fest or all day adventure

when it seems like we can never have enough time together...
furthermore: $9K/2 days & $3K/day thereafter

  • "Exclusive traveL", where I don't advertise my presence in your city, requires a minimum overnight booking with the hotel fees at your expense.  If I cover the hotel fees out of my pocket, then I will advertise the trip publicly as a tour.