FTM Zachary Prince
FTM Zachary Prince
Hairy Kinky Full Service Escort, Prostate Whisperer & Niche Escort Marketing Coach


Ever swapped spit with a guy with a pussy?

I’m Zachary Prince (formerly known as Zoey Zacquery), and I’m an FTM trans guy, which means that when I was born, the doctor declared "it's a girl!", but I feel more connected to masculinity/androgyny and consider myself to be a guy.  I've been on testosterone since January 2017, so for 21 months now.  I haven't done anything surgical to change my body.  I'm a little androgynous and I like that. :)

SEX & SEXUALITY are great passions of mine, and I've pursued related explorations with a magnetic curiosity for as long as it's been legal!  Kinky subcultures... underground adult parties... sex education skillshares... street cruising adventures... wild woodland orgies... I've enjoyed them all & more!

Prior to my gender transition, I worked as 'female' escort for 7 years, traveling all over the USA to share my delicious pheromone-soaked furry crevices and the wonders of male prostate pleasure (my reviews speak to this extensively).  Now I'm excited to be offering the SAME GREAT SERVICE in a slightly hairier, more muscular & more androgynous package!

Enthusiastically attracted to men AND women (basically anyone with an ass!), I have a sweet, flirty demeanour but a dirty, kinky, perverted mind. I also have a particular talent for creating a dynamic of trust & comfort between us that inspires us to go deeper than you might have even imagined...

I am a fierce whirlwind of a TOP, talented at melting you into your bed, sinking us into the embodiment of ecstasy & squeezing my way into your deepest pleasure zones.  I love to use my magic fingers, realistic dual-density silicone dildos & surprisingly smooth & warm steel pleasure wands to set your root chakra ablaze in the best way possible.  I’m also versatile, with all of my “original equipment” down below, and not at all opposed to put it to good use!  ;)



age 29

height 5'3"

weight 130#

bodyfat 19%



vers top


desi & irish
21 months on T


There are a lot of different ways that we can connect!  I offer private webcam shows, custom porn clips, niche branding coaching for fellow escorts, erotic massage with an emphasis on prostate stimulation & all-inclusive GFE / BFE escort services.  I love producing erotic media & will be sure to keep adding to this website, so bookmark me and check back in from time to time!  Consider this page your most reliable source of information about me.  I also keep my Twitter updated regularly and would love for you to follow me!

smooches in all the spots where it counts~
Zachary Prince XOXO